Thursday, April 9, 2015

No Limits!!

 Many of the artists who paint with me are older and some complain of problems with their fine motor skills. I get a sense from many of these artists that their lack of brush control, be it because of age or an existing physical condition, creates a feeling of inferiority in them and their artwork. They don't feel good enough. I try to emphasize that art doesn't have to be neat and pretty. That's not necessarily the point of creating. I believe that the process of creating is more important than the product. Our limitations should never limit us, rather we should embrace them. 

Let me introduce you to Chuck Close. 

Chuck Close is an Amerian artist best known for his large, photorealistic portraits created in the 1970's and 80's. He draws a grid on his canvas, works from photographs and works methodically one square at a time. 

In 1988 he suffered from a spinal artery collapse that left him severely paralyzed from the neck down. He was able to regain limited movements in his limbs. Yet he never stopped painting. Chuck continues to paint large portraits with the same grid technique. 

He's now confined to a wheelchair and has to paint with a brush strapped to his wrist. But he still paints, beautifully I might add. Obviously Chuck isn't able to create with the hyper realism as before. Rather he embraced his limitations and paints in a looser style, mostly a series of concentric circles within each cell of his grid. 

Artists, you have no limits! 

There is nothing that can stop you from creating something beautiful. Of course our paintings won't look the same even when two people are given the very same instruction. Embrace your differences, whatever they may be, and use them. Remember, your greatest resource isn't your hands or eyes but that wonderful brain in that thick skull of yours. (I believe my skull is thicker than average.)

Get out there and create. NO LIMITS!!!

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