Benefits of Creating Art

I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from creating art on a consistent basis. You, YES YOU, should create....something. Whether you create with The Roving Brush or with someone else, whether you paint, sculpt, photograph, knit....just get out there and create because......

ART helps us...

  • stimulate both sides of the brain 
  • develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • build self esteem and confidence
  • develop instinct and intuition
  • develop focus and concentration
  • cope with stress 
ART teaches us...
  • that there can be more than one solution to a problem 
  • to take risks and learn from our mistakes
  • to be present in the moment 
  • to persevere through challenges
  • to look at everything from a different perspective
  • to embrace differences and diversity
ART provides us the opportunity to....
  • experiment with tools, media and ideas
  • meditate
  • reflect upon our artwork to learn about ourselves 
  • express and work through emotions and stressors that aren't easily verbalized go CREATE!!! It's good for you! 

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