What is a Painting Party?

Painting parties are taking the country by storm! In lots of the "big cities" you'll find these "paint and sip" type locations popping up where you can attend a 2-3 hour class and walk away with a painting YOU created. 

But what about us creative folks out in the little towns? 

Or maybe your schedule just won't work with what "paint and sip" locations have to offer? Or maybe you have your heart set on painting a very specific painting? 

What if you just really want to paint with just a small group of close friends in the privacy and comfort of your own home? 

Or maybe you want to create a painting that isn't a "cookie cutter" like everyone else's? 

The Roving Brush is for you!! 

I come to you working on your schedule. A painting party will last 2-3 hours. I will lead you step by step in painting the image that you choose. 
Though all the guests may follow the same instructions I encourage you to branch out and experiment with colors and textures and whatever you can imagine. You'll be surprised how different and unique your guests' paintings will turn out to be!   

You provide tables, table clothes, chairs, ARTISTS (minimum of 8) and maybe some munchies and I'll bring the rest (canvases, paint, brushes, etc.)! 

Contact me by phone (620)846-0723 or by email, eslingerheather@yahoo.com

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